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Tuesday, February 1

'e shoots, emancipates!

february 1, 1865

mood: ebullient
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so congress totally approved the 13th amendment yesterday, the one that puts the kibosh on the whole slavery thing. emanzzipation in the hizzouse! now we just have to get some of the states to ratify it (i don't know, like 2/3 of them, or something) and then it's in the CONSTITUTION, beeyorches! then if you have a slave, i can show up at your house and be like, "um, hello? it says right here in the effing CONSTITUTION: NO SLAVES!" that will be rad.

of course, getting 2/3 of the states to approve it might be tough, since 2/3 of the states right now are shooting guns at us. but assuming the whole war thing gets sorted out, we'll have ourselves an amendment. the best. amendment. EVAR.