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Wednesday, June 16


june 16, 1864

mood: irritated
listening to: battle hymn of the republic

OMG, robert e. lee is being a total butthead. when this whole thing first started, i was like, "let's agree to disagree." but now it's totally p'ing me off. a couple weeks ago my idiot general grant screwed the pooch and let lee kill like 7,000 of our guys at cold harbor, virginia. 7,000! and i gotta sign letters of condolence to all their widows and mothers and crap.

and then yesterday, we blew it again, and we lost our chance to capture petersburg and cut off the confederate rail lines. woulda been nice, the confederacy not having access to trains, since trains are like the only way to get stuff. but nope, we let em keep their railway. wasn't that nice of us?!?! :rolleyes:

sorry to be such a b-word, but this civil war is so not civil! LOL