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Wednesday, November 10

Time for Reconstruction

november 10, 1864

mood: hungover
listening to: silence. blessed silence.

OMG i am soooooooo hungover right now. remind me never to get reelected again. that party was off. The. Hook! in my honor they arranged a bunch of beer bottles into the shape of a log cabin, and we sang raucous party songs such as "when johnny comes marching home" and "battle cry of freedom." the white houze was totally rocken. then it got really out of control, and it was so hilarious, you should have seen vice-prezident-elect andrew johnson doin shots off secretary of war edwin stanton's bare chest! im pretty sure neither one of them will remember it today, but i think someone got a daguerreotype of it.

but now i feel like kuh-rap. i got up and looked in the mirror this morning and i was like, "holy crap, i look like abraham lincoln." i don't mind telling you, i am not a handsome man. and today i am the least handsomest i've ever been. eww, what if someday my face is on currency? sec. of treasury salmon chase is on the $1 bill right now, and i'm not "merry" or anything, but he's a damn handsome man. if i saw my face on something, i would throw up, which i might do right now anyway.