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Friday, September 3

sherman shermight help me get reelected

september 3, 1864

mood: tentative
listening to: my wife complain

so sherman totally conquered atlanta yesterday. he sent me a telegraph that was like, "atlanta is ours, and fairly won," whatever that means. seems like you didn't really win it "fairly" if you set the place on fire, which i happen to know is what he's planning on cuz he's a total pyro, but whatever. i like his moxie!!

i don't wanna sound all selfish but i totally hope capturing atlanta helps me get reelected. i'm a little peeved that one of my army guys, george mcclellan, is running against me, and it's even more annoying that he's sorta winning right now, the bazzztard. everyone's like, "we just want this war to be over, and maybe a new prez will help with that." whatev! like if you were running a marathon, halfway thru you might wanna swap out your legs for a new pair that hadn't been trained and had no marathon experience. that would be whack! if i loose the election, we're hosed. don't they see that?!!??!??!?11?!?